Prize Winners

The IES began to award the Avinash K. Dixit Prize in International Economics in 2015-2016.  (From 2009-2010 through 2013-2014, the prize was known as the Harry G.A. Seggerman ’49 Prize.) The following is a list of past prize winners.

 2009-2010:    Tomasz Święcki
 2010-2011:    Karyne Charbonneau and Diogo Guillen
 2011-2012    Cecile Gaubert
 2012-2013    David Krisztian Nagy and Kevin Lim
 2013-2014    Chang Sun
 2015-2016    Federico Huneeus and Mathis Maehlum
 2016-2017    Adrien Bilal and Yann Koby
 2017-2018    Mathilde Le Moigne
 2018-2019    José Luis Cruz Álvarez
 2019-2020    Juan Manuel Castro Vincenzi and Binyamin Kleinman Orleansky