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Urban and Spatial Economics

Slavery and the British Industrial Revolution

Stephan HeblichStephen J. ReddingHans-Joachim Voth
International Trade

Firm Export Dynamics in Interdependent Markets

Alonso Alfaro-UreñaJuanma Castro-VincenziSebastián FanelliEduardo Morales

Data Sales and Data Dilution

Ernest LiuSong MaLaura Veldkamp

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Urban and Spatial Economics

Plants in Space

Ezra OberfieldEsteban Rossi-HansbergPierre-Daniel SarteNicholas Trachter

Journal of Political Economy


Urban and Spatial Economics

Globalization and Pandemics

Pol AntrasStephen J. ReddingEsteban Rossi-Hansberg

American Economic Review

April 2023

Urban and Spatial Economics

Quantitative Urban Models: From Theory to Data

Journal of Economic Perspectives

Spring 2023